Left-Handed TaylorMade Stealth Driver 10.5

Left-Handed TaylorMade Stealth Driver 10.5

The future of golf club technology has arrived with the revolutionary 60X Carbon Twist Face. This cutting-edge driver marks the end of the titanium era, offering a remarkable 44% weight reduction compared to traditional titanium faces. Not only that, but it is also 11% larger than the SIM2 and SIM2 Max driver, and nearly 20% larger than the SIM driver.

At the heart of this triumph of engineering lies sixty layers of strategically designed carbon fiber. This advanced construction maximizes energy transfer, resulting in lightning-fast ball speeds across a significantly larger sweet spot. The result? Optimal distance and forgiveness that will take your game to new heights.

But it doesn’t stop there. The 60X Carbon Twist Face is coated with a polyurethane cover that features a revolutionary nanotexture technology. This game-changing nanotexture coating allows for precise control over launch and spin, ensuring optimized total distance regardless of the playing conditions you encounter on the course.

The weight savings achieved with the 60X Carbon Twist Face have also allowed for a redistribution of weight. By placing more weight low and deep in the head, this driver delivers an impressive 15% increase in Moment of Inertia (MOI) compared to the Stealth Plus+. This translates into added stability and forgiveness, giving you the confidence to take risks and go for those challenging shots.

Continuing its commitment to refined aerodynamics, the 60X Carbon Twist Face incorporates the Inertia Generator. This crucial component enhances the driver’s aerodynamic properties, resulting in a slightly faster head shape. With this speed-boosting design, golfers at all skill levels can generate greater swing speed and unleash their full potential on every swing.

But what about forgiveness? We’ve got you covered. The 60X Carbon Twist Face features our most flexible Speed Pocket design yet. This innovative feature not only maximizes ball speeds, but it also provides additional forgiveness on those low face strikes that can sometimes plague every golfer. Say goodbye to those dreaded mishits and hello to improved consistency and accuracy.

The 60X Carbon Twist Face is the culmination of two decades of development and represents a giant leap forward in golf club technology. Experience the power, speed, and forgiveness that only the future can bring. Elevate your game with the driver that will leave no doubt: the 60X Carbon Twist Face.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 60X Carbon Twist Face
  • Weight: 44% lighter than comparable titanium face
  • Size: 11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max driver, nearly 20% larger than SIM driver
  • Carbon Fiber Layers: 60 layers
  • Energy Transfer Optimization: Strategically designed carbon fiber layers
  • Cover Material: Polyurethane
  • Nanotexture Technology: Revolutionary new coating
  • Launch and Spin Optimization: Nanotexture coating
  • Total Distance Optimization: Nanotexture coating
  • Weight Distribution: More weight placed low and deep in the head
  • MOI Increase: 15% more than Stealth Plus+
  • Aerodynamic Properties: Inertia Generator
  • Head Shape: Slightly faster shape
  • Speed Pocket Design: Most flexible design

The Ultimate Game Changer: 60X Carbon Twist Face Driver

Tired of the old, heavy titanium drivers that just don’t live up to your expectations? It’s time to say goodbye to the titanium era and welcome the revolutionary 60X Carbon Twist Face Driver. With 20 years of development behind it, this driver is a game changer in the world of golf.

What sets this driver apart from the rest is its incredible lightweight design. 44% lighter than a comparable titanium face, the 60X Carbon Twist Face gives you the advantage of increased clubhead speed, resulting in explosive ball speeds and unprecedented distances. And that’s not all – it’s also 11% larger than the SIM2 and SIM2 Max driver, and nearly 20% larger than the SIM driver, giving you a larger sweet spot and enhanced forgiveness.

But it’s not just the weight and size that make this driver stand out. Its unique construction, with sixty layers of strategically designed carbon fiber, optimizes energy transfer for unparalleled ball speeds across a larger area. With this driver in your hands, you can expect maximum distance and forgiveness, no matter your skill level.

Another great feature of the 60X Carbon Twist Face is its polyurethane cover, featuring a ground-breaking nanotexture technology. This nanotexture coating fine-tunes launch and spin, ensuring optimal distance in any playing conditions. Say goodbye to the days of struggling with unpredictable shots – this driver will help you achieve consistent performance every time you hit the course.

One noteworthy advantage of the weight savings on this driver is the ability to place more weight low and deep in the head. This results in a 15% increase in MOI (Moment of Inertia) compared to the Stealth Plus+, giving you added stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. So even if you’re not hitting the sweet spot every time, you can still expect impressive results.

The Inertia Generator of the 60X Carbon Twist Face remains the secret behind its refined aerodynamic properties. This driver boasts a slightly faster head shape that enhances swing speed on the downswing, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this driver will help you unlock your maximum potential.

And let’s not forget about the flexible Speed Pocket design. Engineered to maximize ball speeds and provide additional forgiveness on low face strikes, this driver ensures that even your mishits will go further. You’ll have the confidence to swing freely, knowing that this driver has your back.

So, who is the 60X Carbon Twist Face Driver designed for? It’s a driver for those golfers who desire the best performance, distance, and forgiveness. Whether you’re a professional golfer looking to dominate the competition or an amateur golfer seeking improvement, this driver will undoubtedly elevate your game. It’s time to leave the titanium era behind and experience the power of carbon fiber.

Price: 6912.47

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