Men’s TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver

Introducing our revolutionary golf driver!

Get ready to experience a golf club like no other. We have reimagined and reconstructed every element of this driver to give you unmatched performance on the course. Starting with the driver head, we have completely redesigned it to provide both forgiveness and distance. Say goodbye to those frustrating shots and hello to long, accurate drives.

Reconstructed driver head:

We didn’t stop at just renovating the driver head. Our engineers went the extra mile and crafted it using lightweight and durable aluminum, meticulously shaped into an advanced design. This innovative construction includes a heavy back weight, a full carbon fiber sole, a crown, and a freshly milled rear surface. The result? A driver that combines power, stability, and striking aesthetics.

SIM inertia generator:

The asymmetrical inertia generator is a game-changer. We’ve fine-tuned the geometry and analyzed the aerodynamics to increase the speed of the clubhead. Prepare to achieve impressive distances with optimal swing speeds.

Speed-injected twist face:

Our improved twist face technology boosts ball speed by adjusting each head to the legal speed limits. We’ve perfected the face curvature to protect against mishits on both heel and toe shots, giving you consistent ball speed and accuracy.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket:

Our most flexible Speed Pocket design maximizes ball speeds and offers forgiveness on low-face impacts. Say goodbye to distance loss on those difficult shots and hello to consistently impressive drives.

Split mass weight:

This driver is designed to enhance forgiveness while allowing for precise target swing weights during custom fitting. Now, you can hit the ball with ease while maintaining optimum control and accuracy.

Are you ready to take your golf game to the next level? Make room in your golf bag for the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. Get ready to unleash your potential with our game-changing driver!

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Technical Specifications:

  • Ring Construction: Ny smidd ringkonstruktion
  • Material: Tillverkad av lätt och hållfast aluminium
  • Design: Avancerad design med tung bakvikt, full kolfiber sula, krona och nyfräst bakhuvudyta
  • Tröghetsgenerator: Asymmetrisk tröghetsgenerator för ökad klubhuvudshastighet
  • Twistansikte: Hastighetsinjicerat twistansikte förbättrar bollhastigheten och skyddar mot felträffar
  • Speed Pocket: Snabbficka med genomgående lucka för maximal bollhastighet och förlåtelse vid låga ansiktsslag
  • Massvikt: Delad massvikt förbättrar förlåtelsen och möjliggör exakta målsvängvikter vid anpassad montering

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Comparative Analysis of Similar Products

Product X

Product X is similar to our product in terms of its advanced design and use of lightweight and durable materials. It features a forged ring construction for enhanced performance and a carbon fiber sole, crown, and a newly milled backhead surface. However, it does not offer the same level of forgiveness and distance as our product due to its lack of a redesigned driver.

Product Y

While Product Y shares some similarities with our product, such as the use of an asymmetrical inertia generator, it falls short in terms of speed and aerodynamic analysis. Our product’s advanced geometry and aerodynamic analysis give it a competitive advantage, allowing for increased clubhead speed. Additionally, Product Y does not have the same level of customization options for precise target swing weights as our product does.

Product Z

Product Z offers a similar feature in terms of a speed-injected twist face for improved ball speed and correction of mishits. However, it lacks the versatility and forgiveness of our product’s fast pocket design, which maximizes ball speeds and provides extra forgiveness on low face strikes. Product Z also does not prioritize forgiveness while allowing for precise target swing weights, a benefit offered by our product.

Intended Audience

Our product is ideal for golfers who prioritize forgiveness and distance. It is designed for players who want an improved swing and enhanced performance without compromising on forgiveness. The lightweight and durable construction also make it suitable for golfers looking for a durable and long-lasting product. With its advanced features and focus on customization options, our product is best suited for both amateur and professional golfers seeking to maximize their performance on the course. write this in swedish

Price: 5338.51 kr

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