TaylorMade SiM 2 Max

The product we have for you is a newly reconstructed and redesigned driver that takes your golf game to the next level. We have utilized cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering to provide you with a club that offers forgiveness and incredible distance.

Our driver has undergone a complete rebuild from the ground up, starting with a new forged ring construction. This ring is made from a lightweight and high-strength aluminum that is meticulously shaped to create a club with a solid rear weight, full carbon sole, crown, and a newly milled rear cup surface. The result is a driver that not only looks sleek but also delivers uncompromising performance.

To ensure maximum clubhead speed, we have incorporated an asymmetrical inertia generator into our design. This generator, built with advanced geometry and aerodynamic analysis, provides faster swings and ultimately enhances your overall performance on the course.

But that’s not all! Our driver also features a speed-injected twist face technology. Each head is calibrated to reach the legal speed limit and equipped with corrective face curvature. This means improved ball speed and protection against mishits on the heel and toe.

We’ve also implemented a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design to maximize ball speeds and increase forgiveness for those off-center hits on the lower part of the face. This flexible Speed Pocket ensures that even your mis-hits can still achieve impressive distance.

Furthermore, our driver boasts split mass weight technology that not only enhances forgiveness but also allows for precise target swing weights during custom fitting. This means you can optimize your swing to suit your individual preferences and playing style.

Reconstructed. Redesigned. Reimagined. Get ready to take your golf game to new heights with our cutting-edge driver.

In summary, our driver is specifically engineered for golf enthusiasts who are looking to improve their game. It combines advanced technology, innovative design, and unmatched performance to deliver forgiveness, distance, and a truly sensational swing experience. So go ahead, grab that t-shirt and swing away with confidence!

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Technical Specifications

  • New forged ring construction: Lightweight and high-strength aluminum material
  • SIM inertia generator: Asymmetrical design for faster clubhead speed
  • Speed-injected twist face: Calibrated head for improved ball speed and protection against mishits
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: Flexible design for maximized ball speeds and forgiveness on low face strikes
  • Split mass weight: Improved forgiveness and precise target swing weights

Sport type: Golf

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Swing Away with the Reconstructed Driver

If you’re an avid golfer looking to take your game to the next level, look no further than our redesigned and reconstructed driver. We’ve revamped this club from top to bottom, giving you the perfect balance of forgiveness and distance. Let’s dive into what sets our product apart from similar options on the market.

New forged ring construction: One of the standout features of our reconstructed driver is its construction. We use a lightweight and high-strength aluminum to forge a demanding shape, resulting in a club that offers exceptional durability without weighing you down. The full carbon sole, crown, and newly milled rear cup surface further enhance its performance.

SIM inertia generator: Our asymmetrical inertia generator gives you a competitive advantage by increasing clubhead speed. Through advanced geometry and aerodynamic analysis, we’ve designed this feature to unleash your swing power, helping you achieve greater distances off the tee.

Speed-injected twist face: Mishits can be a golfer’s worst nightmare, but our reconstructed driver has got you covered. With the speed-injected twist face technology, each head is calibrated to the legal speed limit with corrective face curvature. This not only improves ball speed but also provides forgiveness for off-center hits on the heel and toe.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: Our engineers have taken forgiveness to the next level with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design. This flexible Speed Pocket maximizes ball speeds, ensuring that even low face strikes can achieve impressive results. Say goodbye to those frustrating shots that fall short of your expectations.

Split mass weight: We understand that customization is key when it comes to golf clubs, which is why we’ve designed our reconstructed driver with split mass weight technology. This feature allows for precise target swing weights during custom fitting, so you can find the perfect balance and feel for your swing style.

Our reconstructed driver is ideal for passionate golfers who are seeking both forgiveness and distance in their game. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to improve your accuracy or a mid-level golfer who wants to gain some extra yardage off the tee, our driver is sure to elevate your performance on the course. Swing away confidently knowing that you have a powerful tool in your hands.

Sport type: golf

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Price: 6595.04 kr

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