TaylorMade Stealth2 Driver

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is a game-changing golf club that raises the bar for speed and forgiveness. Building on the success of its predecessor, the original 60X Carbon Twist face, this club is designed to optimize energy transfer, resulting in unparalleled ball speeds.

The Stealth 2, featuring an advanced version of Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), ensures that even off-center hits maintain impressive ball speed. With a weight of just 24g, the new face extends the coefficient of restitution (COR) area, expanding the sweet spot and enhancing performance across the entire face.

But that’s not all – the reinforced carbon composite ring, combined with the clubhead, strategically places additional mass for forgiveness. Developed with speed and forgiveness in mind, the innovative Twist Face technology corrects tendencies and ensures consistent speed and accuracy, even on off-center hits.

The lightweight carbon body of the club allows engineers to strategically position weight for optimal launch and forgiveness. Additionally, the NANOTEXTURE coating on the face fine-tunes launch and spin, maximizing distance in all playing conditions.

Aerodynamics also play a crucial role in the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE’s superior performance. The ASYMMETRICAL INERTIA generator enhances clubhead speed, regardless of the player’s skill level. The clubhead even includes a 25g weight in the back, resulting in incredible moment of inertia (MOI) and forgiveness.

For those low-face strikes, the THRU-SLOT SPEED POCKET is designed to maximize ball speed and forgiveness. And if you’re looking to fine-tune your club to your preferences, the 2° Loft Sleeve allows for adjustability in both flight and face angle.

It’s important to note that the golf industry has discontinued providing adjustment keys for clubheads for durability reasons, but that shouldn’t deter you from experiencing the immense benefits of the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE. Upgrade your golf game with the club that revolutionizes speed, forgiveness, and overall performance.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Energy Transfer: Optimized for high ball speeds
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): Advanced version for maintaining ball speed on off-center hits
  • Weight: 24g (2g lighter than the original)
  • COR Area: Extended for larger sweet spot and improved performance
  • Reinforced Carbon Composite Ring: Adds additional strategically placed mass for forgiveness
  • Twist Face: Corrects tendencies and maintains speed and accuracy on off-center hits
  • Carbon Body: Lightweight for optimal launch and forgiveness
  • NANOTEXTURE Coating: Fine-tunes launch and spin for maximum distance
  • ASYMMETRICAL INERTIA Generator: Enhances aerodynamics for faster clubhead speed
  • Clubhead Weight: Includes a 25g weight in the back for incredible MOI and forgiveness
  • THRU-SLOT SPEED POCKET: Maximizes ball speed and forgiveness on low-face strikes
  • 2° Loft Sleeve: Allows for adjustability of flight and face angle
  • Adjustment Keys: Not provided due to durability reasons

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE: A Comparative Analysis

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is a game-changing golf club that takes advantage of advanced technologies to deliver superior performance and forgiveness. Let’s compare it to similar products in the category and analyze its competitive advantages and disadvantages.


1. Optimized energy transfer: Thanks to the advanced Carbon Twist Face technology, this club enhances energy transfer, resulting in high ball speeds. This advantage gives the NY 60X an edge over its competitors, making it an ideal choice for players who prioritize distance and speed.

2. Improved off-center hits: The Stealth 2 incorporates an advanced version of Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), enabling it to maintain ball speed even on off-center hits. This feature provides added forgiveness and consistency, giving players more confidence with each swing.

3. Extended COR area and larger sweet spot: The new face of the NY 60X has an extended COR area, which increases the size of the sweet spot. This improvement leads to improved performance across the face, granting players better results even on mishits. Golfers who often struggle with consistency will find this feature highly beneficial.

4. Strategically placed mass for forgiveness: The reinforced carbon composite ring and strategically placed mass in the head contribute to forgiveness in the NY 60X. This design element ensures that even on mis-hits, the club provides a solid feel and helps maintain accuracy and speed. Players who want forgiveness without sacrificing performance will appreciate this advantage.


1. Lack of adjustment keys: One downside of the NY 60X is that adjustment keys are not included, as per industry standards. This may inconvenience some players who prefer to fine-tune their clubheads to suit their preferences. However, it’s worth noting that this decision was made to enhance the overall durability of the clubhead.

Intended Audience:

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is designed for golfers who prioritize speed, forgiveness, and maximum distance in their game. This club is well-suited for players who want to improve their performance on off-center hits and achieve consistent results across the face. Whether you’re a beginner working on your swing or an experienced golfer in need of forgiveness without sacrificing performance, the NY 60X is an excellent choice for enhancing your game.

Price: 5034.07

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