TaylorMade Stealth2 Driver

Introducing the NY 60X Carbon Twist Face: This cutting-edge golf product builds upon the success of its predecessor, optimizing energy transfer for high ball speeds. The Stealth 2 surface features an advanced version of Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), maintaining ball velocity during extraordinary shots and forgiving errors. Weighing 24g and developed with an expanded COR surface, this state-of-the-art club offers a larger sweetspot and enhanced performance across the entire hitting area.

Reinforced Carbon Composite Ring:

The reinforced carbon composite ring combines the clubhead into a single force, freeing up additional strategically placed mass for added forgiveness.

Engineered for Speed and Forgiveness: The corrective tendencies of Twist Face, together with advanced ICT, help maintain ball speed and accuracy during extraordinary shots. A lightweight full carbon body allows engineers to redistribute weight strategically, achieving optimal ball launch and forgiveness.

NANOTEXTURE Coating: Enclosed within a polyurethane cover and equipped with revolutionary nanotexture technology, the 60X Carbon Twist Face is coated to finely tune ball launch and spin, optimizing overall distance regardless of playing conditions.

ASYMMETRIC INERTIA Generator: This feature remains at the foundation of refined aerodynamic properties. The result is a faster clubhead shape, increasing swing speed on the descent for golfers of all skill levels. With a 25g weight in the rear of the clubhead, it offers incredible MOI and forgiveness.

THRU-SLOT SPEED POCKET: Our flexible Speed Pocket Design maximizes ball speed and provides additional forgiveness on low-face shots.

2° Loft Sleeve enables adjustability and customization, allowing golfers to optimize the club to their individual preferences for both flight and face angle.

Please note, due to durability reasons, the golf industry has chosen to discontinue providing a head adjustment key in the future.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: NY 60X Carbon Twist Face
  • Energy Transfer Optimization: Yes
  • Stealth 2: Yes
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): Yes
  • Ball Speed Maintenance: Yes
  • Weight: 24g (2g lighter than original stealth face)
  • COR Surface: Expanded for larger sweet spot and improved performance
  • Reinforced Carbon Composite Ring: Yes
  • Designed for Speed and Forgiveness: Yes
  • Twist Face: Yes
  • Advanced ICT: Yes
  • Lightweight Full Carbon Body: Yes
  • Nanotexture Coating: Yes
  • Asymmetric Inertia Generator: Yes
  • Speed Pocket Design: Yes
  • 2° Loft Sleeve: Yes
  • Adjustability: Yes
  • MOI and Forgiveness: Yes

Note: The golf industry has chosen not to provide a head adjustment key in the future for durability reasons.

NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE: A Comparative Analysis

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is a high-performance golf club that offers numerous competitive advantages over similar products in its category. With its advanced features and innovative technology, this club is designed to enhance ball speed, accuracy, and forgiveness for golfers of all skill levels.

Competitive Advantages:

1. Enhanced Energy Transfer: The 60X Carbon Twist Face optimizes energy transfer, resulting in higher ball speeds. This gives golfers a distinct advantage by allowing for longer and more powerful shots compared to traditional golf clubs.

2. Advanced Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): The new Stealth 2 face incorporates an advanced version of ICT to maintain ball speed even on off-center hits. This feature ensures consistent performance and forgiveness, minimizing the impact of mishits.

3. Lightweight Carbon Body: Weighing only 24g, the club’s carbon body enables engineers to strategically place weight for optimal launch and forgiveness. This lightweight design also contributes to increased swing speed, especially during the downswing.

4. Nanotexture Coating: The polyurethane covering of the 60X Carbon Twist Face includes a revolutionary nanotexture coating. This technology fine-tunes ball launch and spin, resulting in optimized overall distance regardless of playing conditions.

5. Asymmetric Inertia Generator: The club’s refined aerodynamic properties are based on an asymmetric inertia generator. This design allows for a faster clubhead shape and increased swing speed, benefiting golfers of every playing ability.

6. Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: The flexible speed pocket design maximizes ball speed and forgiveness, particularly on low-face hits. This feature ensures that even slight mishits still deliver impressive distance and accuracy.

7. Adjustable Loft Sleeve: With a 2° Loft Sleeve, golfers can customize and adapt the club to their individual preferences for ball flight and face angle. This adjustability allows for a personalized playing experience to suit various course conditions and swing styles.

Competitive Disadvantage:

One potential disadvantage of the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is the lack of an included adjustment key for the clubhead. This means golfers will need to acquire their own wrench or key for making adjustments.

Intended Audience:

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is intended for golfers looking to improve their performance and achieve optimal distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. It is suitable for golfers at any skill level and can benefit both casual players and serious enthusiasts who prioritize advanced technology and high-quality equipment.

Price: 4816.04

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