TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

Introducing the revolutionary 60X Carbon Twist Face, a groundbreaking advancement in golf club technology. After two decades of relentless innovation, we have reached the pinnacle of performance with this state-of-the-art driver.

Featuring a carbon face that is 44% lighter than titanium, the 60X Carbon Twist Face is a real game changer. Not only that, it is also 11% larger than its predecessors, the SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers, and nearly 20% larger than the SIM driver. The incorporation of sixty strategically designed layers of carbon fiber ensures optimal energy transfer and lightning-fast ball speeds across a large sweet spot, resulting in phenomenal distance and forgiveness.

But that’s not all. The 60X Carbon Twist Face boasts a polyurethane cover equipped with a nanotexture coating, a true game-changing innovation. This cutting-edge technology fine-tunes launch and spin to optimize overall distance, no matter the playing conditions.

Thanks to the significant weight savings achieved with the 60X Carbon Twist Face, we were able to relocate more weight low and deep in the head of the driver. This has resulted in a staggering 15% increase in MOI (Moment of Inertia) compared to the highly regarded Stealth Plus+. The Inertia Generator, the fundamental source of refined aerodynamics, gives the driver a unique half-fast head shape that helps golfers at all skill levels generate impressive swing speeds on the downswing.

Our Speed Pocket design, renowned for its flexibility, has been taken to new heights with the 60X Carbon Twist Face. Engineered to maximize ball speeds and provide additional forgiveness on low face strikes, this driver will help golfers achieve their best performance yet.

Experience the future of golf club technology with the 60X Carbon Twist Face. Exceptional distance, forgiveness, and control are just a swing away.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: 60X Carbon Twist Face
  • Weight: 44% lighter than titanium face
  • Size: 11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers, nearly 20% larger than SIM driver
  • Carbon Fiber: 60 layers strategically designed to optimize energy transfer
  • Cover: Polyurethane cover with nanotexture coating
  • Nanotexture Technology: Used to fine-tune launch and spin
  • Distance Optimization: Regardless of playing conditions
  • Weight Placement: More weight placed low and deep in the head
  • MOI: 15% more than Stealth Plus+
  • Inertia Generator: Source of refined aerodynamic properties
  • Head Shape: Half-fast shape for increased swing speed
  • Speed Pocket Design: Engineered for maximum ball speeds and forgiveness on low face strikes

A Comparative Analysis of the 60X Carbon Twist Face Driver

A standout innovation in the world of golf drivers, the 60X Carbon Twist Face offers a range of competitive advantages that set it apart from other similar products in the market. Let’s take a closer look at how this driver compares to its counterparts and who it’s intended for.


  • Carbon Fiber Technology: The 60X Carbon Twist Face boasts an exceptional construction with sixty layers of carbon fiber. This strategic design optimizes energy transfer, resulting in faster ball speeds across a larger hitting area. This innovation ensures maximum distance and forgiveness, making it an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their overall performance on the course.
  • Nanotexture Coating: The polyurethane cover of the 60X Carbon Twist Face features a revolutionary nanotexture technology. This fine-tunes launch and spin, regardless of the playing conditions. This means that golfers can expect consistent performance and optimized distance, no matter the weather or course conditions.
  • Increased MOI: By utilizing the weight savings on the carbon fiber face, the 60X Carbon Twist Face manages to place more weight low and deep in the head. This addition results in a remarkable 15% increase in Moment of Inertia (MOI) compared to its predecessor, the Stealth Plus+. The added MOI ensures exceptional forgiveness and stability, making it an ideal choice for golfers who seek confidence and consistency in their swings.
  • Aerodynamic Properties: Equipped with the Inertia Generator, the 60X Carbon Twist Face has refined aerodynamic properties. This unique design feature creates a ”half-fast” head shape that aids in generating swing speed during the downswing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, this driver is designed to enhance your swing speed and provide an overall improved golfing experience.
  • Speed Pocket Design: The 60X Carbon Twist Face incorporates a flexible Speed Pocket design. This design element maximizes ball speeds and offers additional forgiveness on low face strikes. Golfers who tend to hit towards the bottom of the face will benefit greatly from this feature, as it ensures increased distance and accuracy even on mishits.


While the 60X Carbon Twist Face boasts numerous advantages over its counterparts, it’s essential to consider a few potential downsides. Firstly, the driver is significantly lighter than the traditional titanium face, which may take some golfers time to adjust to. Additionally, the advanced technology and premium features come at a higher price point compared to other drivers in the market.

Intended Users:

The 60X Carbon Twist Face driver is primarily designed for golfers who are looking to enhance their game and push their performance to the next level. Beginner golfers who are seeking forgiveness and added distance will appreciate the MOI and Speed Pocket design, while more advanced players will benefit from the increased ball speeds and optimized launch and spin. Overall, this driver caters to a wide range of golfers and offers a competitive edge for players of all skill levels.

Price: 7252.99

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