TaylorMade Stealth2 Driver

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE takes the original 60X Carbon Twist Face to new heights with its cutting-edge features and enhanced performance. Its Stealth 2 face incorporates Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) to maintain incredible ball speed even on off-center hits, giving golfers the confidence to swing with power and precision.

With a weight of just 24g, this advanced face design is 2g lighter than its predecessor, allowing for an expanded COR area and a larger sweet spot across the entire face. This means improved performance and forgiveness, making it easier to achieve the perfect shot every time.

Furthermore, the reinforced carbon composite ring brings the clubhead together as a unified force, resulting in increased forgiveness. This strategic weight distribution maximizes forgiveness without sacrificing speed or distance.

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE also features the renowned Twist Face technology, which corrects the tendencies of off-center hits and works harmoniously with the ICT for exceptional ball speed and accuracy. Golfers will experience greater confidence and consistency on the course.

Engineers have crafted a lightweight full carbon body that allows for optimal weight redistribution. This enables golfers to launch the ball with precision and forgiveness, no matter their skill level. The NANOTEXTURE coating, equipped with revolutionary nanotexture technology, surrounds the 60X Carbon Twist Face to further enhance launch and spin for optimal distance in any playing condition.

The ASYMMETRIC INERTIA generator plays a crucial role in the club’s refined aerodynamics. It generates a faster clubhead shape, increasing swing speed and delivering impressive performance for golfers of all levels. Additionally, the 25g weight in the rear of the clubhead offers incredible MOI and forgiveness.

The THRU-SLOT SPEED POCKET design ensures maximum ball speed and forgiveness, particularly on low face strikes. Golfers can expect consistently powerful shots, even with less-than-perfect contact.

Customizability is key, and the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE comes equipped with a 2° Loft Sleeve for adjustability and customization. This allows golfers to optimize launch and face angle preferences, tailoring their game to their individual style.

For durability reasons, the golf industry has decided not to provide a head adjustment key in the future.

In summary, the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is a groundbreaking golf club that combines speed, forgiveness, and adjustability. Its advanced features and innovative design promise golfers enhanced performance, accuracy, and enjoyment on the course.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Material: NY 60X Carbon
  • Face Technology: Stealth 2 with Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)
  • Weight: 24g (2g lighter than original)
  • COR Area: Expanded for larger sweet spot
  • Composite Ring: Reinforced carbon composite for increased forgiveness
  • Body: Lightweight full carbon
  • Cover: Polyurethane with NANOTEXTURE coating
  • Aerodynamics: ASYMMETRIC INERTIA generator
  • Weight Distribution: 25g weight in rear of clubhead
  • Speed Pocket: THRU-SLOT design for ball speed and forgiveness
  • Loft Sleeve: 2° adjustability for launch and face angle preferences

Note: The golf industry has chosen not to provide a head adjustment key in the future for durability reasons.

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE: A Game-Changing Driver for Speed and Accuracy

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE stands out in the market of golf drivers, offering a range of competitive advantages that make it a top choice for golfers looking to improve their game. Here’s a comparative analysis of similar products in the category, along with the intended audience for this driver.


1. Enhanced Energy Transfer: Unlike other drivers, the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE leverages its 60X Carbon Twist face technology to optimize energy transfer, resulting in high ball speeds. This advantage ensures that you can achieve longer distances off the tee.

2. Improved Performance on Off-Center Hits: The advanced Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) in the new face of NY 60X helps maintain ball speed even on off-center hits. This means that even if you don’t hit the sweet spot on every swing, you’ll still achieve impressive distance and accuracy.

3. Expanded COR Area: With an expanded COR area, NY 60X provides a larger sweet spot, allowing for forgiveness and improved performance across the entire face. Even on mishits, you can expect consistent performance and distance.

4. Reinforced Carbon Composite Ring: The reinforced carbon composite ring integrates the clubhead, creating a single force. This design frees up additional mass, enabling strategic weight placement for increased forgiveness. You’ll experience improved accuracy and consistency with every swing.

5. Lightweight Full Carbon Body: The lightweight full carbon body of the NY 60X enables engineers to redistribute weight for optimal launch and forgiveness. This innovation ensures that you can achieve optimal launch angles and forgiveness, enhancing your overall distance and accuracy.

6. NANOTEXTURE Coating: The NANOTEXTURE coating surrounding the 60X Carbon Twist Face features revolutionary nanotexture technology. This polyurethane cover fine-tunes launch and spin, providing optimized distance in all playing conditions. Whether it’s wet or dry, you can expect consistent performance with the NY 60X.

7. ASYMMETRIC INERTIA Generator: The foundation for refined aerodynamic properties, the ASYMMETRIC INERTIA generator shapes the clubhead for increased swing speed. Golfers of all skill levels can enjoy the benefits of a faster clubhead, resulting in more distance off the tee.

8. THRU-SLOT SPEED POCKET Design: The THRU-SLOT SPEED POCKET design maximizes ball speed and forgiveness, especially on low face strikes. Say goodbye to lost distance and accuracy due to mishits and experience consistent performance with the NY 60X.

9. 2° Loft Sleeve: The 2° Loft Sleeve allows for adjustability and customization, giving you the opportunity to optimize launch and face angle preferences. Tailor your driver to your swing for maximum performance.


While the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE offers numerous advantages, it is important to note a potential disadvantage: The golf industry has chosen not to provide a head adjustment key in the future for durability reasons. This means that any adjustments you wish to make to the clubhead will require external tools or service. However, with its already impressive features, most golfers find little need for further adjustments.

Intended Audience:

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is designed for golfers who prioritize speed and accuracy. Its combination of advanced technologies and forgiveness make it suitable for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a high-handicap player looking for increased forgiveness or a low-handicap player aiming to improve your distance and accuracy, this driver is a game-changer that can take your game to new heights.

Price: 4922.69

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