TaylorMade Stealth2 Driver

The NY 60X Carbon Twist Face is a revolutionary golf club that combines cutting-edge technology, advanced materials, and expert engineering to deliver exceptional performance on the golf course. This club is equipped with the latest features to enhance energy transfer, maintain ball speed, and provide forgiveness, resulting in longer and more accurate drives.

At the heart of this golf club is the Stealth 2 face, which boasts an advanced version of Inverted Cone Technology (ICT). This technology ensures that even off-center hits maintain high ball speed, allowing golfers to achieve greater distance on their shots. With a reduced weight of 24g compared to its predecessor, the Stealth 2 face offers an expanded COR area and a larger sweet spot, resulting in improved performance across the entire face of the club.

Designed for speed and forgiveness, the Twist Face feature corrects the common tendencies of off-center hits, ensuring that golfers can maintain ball speed and accuracy even when they don’t strike the sweet spot. The full carbon body of the club reduces weight and allows engineers to strategically position the weight for optimal launch and forgiveness, providing golfers with a club that is easy to hit and offers exceptional performance.

The NY 60X Carbon Twist Face also benefits from a polyurethane cover with nanotexture technology, which fine-tunes launch and spin to ensure optimal distance in all playing conditions. The club’s asymmetric inertia generator contributes to refined aerodynamic properties, resulting in a faster clubhead shape that increases swing speed and provides explosive power off the tee.

Forgiveness is a key feature of this golf club, with a 25g weight in the rear of the clubhead that offers incredible MOI (Moment of Inertia) and forgiveness. This means that even on mis-hits, the club still maintains stability, allowing golfers to achieve better consistency in their shots. The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design further enhances forgiveness by maximizing ball speed and forgiveness on low face strikes.

Customizability is another strength of the NY 60X Carbon Twist Face, thanks to the 2° Loft Sleeve. This feature allows golfers to adjust the loft and customize the club to suit their individual preferences for flight and face angle, ensuring that they can achieve optimal performance for their game.

Overall, the NY 60X Carbon Twist Face is a game-changing golf club that combines advanced technology, innovative design, and superior performance. It is engineered to provide golfers with exceptional distance, accuracy, forgiveness, and control during every swing. Elevate your game with the NY 60X Carbon Twist Face and experience the difference it makes on the golf course.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Material: NY 60X Carbon Twist Face
  • Surface: Stealth 2 face
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): Advanced version
  • Weight: 24g (2g lighter than original)
  • COR Area: Expanded
  • Ball Speed: Maintained on off-center hits
  • Speed and Forgiveness: Developed for
  • Corrective Tendencies: Twist Face
  • ICT: Advanced
  • Full Carbon Body: Lightweight
  • Polyurethane Cover: Encased
  • Nanotexture Technology: Included
  • Launch and Spin: Fine-tuned
  • Asymmetric Inertia Generator: Included
  • Clubhead Shape: Faster
  • Swing Speed: Increased
  • Weight: 25g (in the rear)
  • MOI: Incredible
  • Forgiveness: High
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket Design: Included
  • Loft Sleeve: 2° adjustability
  • Customization: Available
  • Durability: Industry standard
  • Head Adjustment Key: Not provided

Comparative Analysis: NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is a high-performance golf club that offers speed, forgiveness, and optimal distance. Let’s compare it to some similar products in the category and explore its competitive advantages and disadvantages.


1. Improved Energy Transfer: The 60X Carbon Twist face surface optimizes energy transfer, resulting in high ball speeds. This gives the NY 60X an advantage over other clubs by delivering impressive distance with each swing.

2. Advanced Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): The new Stealth 2 face utilizes an advanced version of ICT to maintain ball speed on off-center hits. This feature enhances forgiveness, ensuring consistent performance even on mis-hits.

3. Expanded COR Area: With a larger sweet spot and improved performance across the face, the NY 60X offers forgiveness and accuracy. It excels at maintaining ball speed and precision, giving golfers confidence in their shots.

4. Strategically Placed Weight: The lightweight full carbon body allows engineers to strategically distribute weight, optimizing launch and forgiveness. Golfers can expect optimal distance and control thanks to the well-balanced design of this club.

5. Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design maximizes ball speed and forgiveness, especially on low face strikes. This feature enhances performance on common miss-hits, making the NY 60X a reliable choice for golfers looking to improve their consistency.


1. Head Adjustment Key Not Included: Unfortunately, unlike some similar products, the NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE does not come with a head adjustment key. While this may be a minor inconvenience for some users, it should not significantly impact the overall performance of the club.

Who is it intended for?

The NY 60X CARBON TWIST FACE is designed for golfers seeking a high-performance club that combines speed, forgiveness, and optimal distance. It is suitable for both amateur and professional players looking to maximize their swing speed and accuracy. The club’s forgiving nature, combined with its advanced technologies, makes it an ideal choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Price: 4982.65

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