Taylormade Rocketballz RBZ Stage 2 Driver FW Driver Fairway Wood Rescue

The QHALEN 2g 4g 6g 8g 10g 12g weights + case + wrench tool for Taylormade Rocketballz RBZ Stage 2 driver FW driver fairway wood are included in the package. These weights are not just any ordinary weights; they are made with precision and expertise. The materials used are stainless steel for the 2g 4g 6g weights and tungsten steel for the 8g 10g 12g weights.

Why settle for one weight when you can have multiple options at your fingertips? With this weight set, you can easily customize the balance and feel of your TaylorMade Standard RBZ series drivers and woods, RBZ Stage 2 and SLDR drivers and woods.

What’s more, these weights are not just for show! They can actually enhance your performance on the golf course. By swinging faster without speeding up your body, you can achieve longer distances and more power. Plus, with their perfect feel in the game, you’ll have better control over your shots.

The dimensions of the weights are approximately 0.35 inches (9mm) in diameter. As for heights, you’ll have options to choose from: 8mm (0.31 inches), 11mm (0.75 inches), 19mm (0.47 inches), and two at 12mm (0.47 inches).

But that’s not all! With the screw set designed for convenience and easy portability, you can effortlessly change the weight at any time to adjust to different playing environments. And with the included wrench, you can handle the weights with better grip and safety.

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Key Technical Specifications:

  • Weights: 2g, 4g, 6g (stainless steel), 8g, 10g, 12g (tungsten steel)
  • Materials: Stainless steel (2g, 4g, 6g weights), Tungsten steel (8g, 10g, 12g weights)
  • Suitable for: TaylorMade Standard RBZ series drivers and woods, RBZ Stage 2 and SLDR drivers and woods
  • Swing Benefits: Faster swing speed, prevention of body acceleration, longer ball distance
  • Dimensions: Approx. 0.35 inches (9mm) in diameter
  • Heights: 8mm (0.31 inches), 11mm (0.75 inches), 19mm (0.47 inches), two at 12mm (0.47 inches)
  • Screw Set: Designed for convenience and easy portability
  • Weight Adjustability: Change weight with different screws for different playing environments
  • Wrench Tool: Provides better and safer handling

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Enhance Your Golf Game with QHALEN Weights for TaylorMade Clubs

If you’re in search of a competitive edge on the golf course, look no further than the QHALEN 2g 4g 6g 8g 10g 12g weights. Unlike other weight sets on the market, this package comes complete with a handy case and wrench tool, ensuring convenience and portability.

The standout feature of these weights is the combination of materials used. The 2g, 4g, and 6g weights are crafted from durable stainless steel, while the 8g, 10g, and 12g weights utilize tungsten steel. This high-quality construction ensures longevity and reliability, even with consistent use.

Designed specifically for TaylorMade Standard RBZ series drivers and woods, RBZ Stage 2 and SLDR drivers and woods, these weights are perfect for avid golfers looking to enhance their swing speed and achieve longer hits. By adding the weights strategically to your clubs, you can prevent your body from overcompensating for a powerful swing, resulting in more accurate shots.

One notable advantage of the QHALEN weights is the perfect feel they provide during gameplay. This means you’ll be able to maintain control of your swing and hit the ball with confidence. The dimensions of the weights, measuring approximately 0.35 inches (9mm) in diameter, ensure a seamless integration into your club without impacting your grip.

To make adjusting the weights a breeze, the package includes a set of screws and a convenient wrench. This guarantees hassle-free customization based on your playing environment and personal preferences. With the ability to effortlessly switch out weights whenever needed, you can experiment and find the perfect weight balance for your game.

While the QHALEN weights offer numerous advantages, there are a couple of aspects to consider. Firstly, these weights are specifically tailored for TaylorMade clubs mentioned above, so if you own a different brand, these may not be compatible. Additionally, individuals who are new to golf or have a slower swing speed might not benefit as significantly from these weights.

Overall, the QHALEN 2g 4g 6g 8g 10g 12g weights are highly recommended for experienced golfers seeking to optimize their swing speed and overall performance on the course with TaylorMade clubs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your game and achieve longer, more accurate shots – make these weights a valuable addition to your golfing arsenal today!

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Price: 411.23 kr

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